Leanfil ®– sustainable bag filter

Leanfil ®bag filter – completely new invention

Leanfil pussisuodattimien valikoima

Leanfil ®bag filter

Bag filters are the most common filters used in property ventilation units. Leanfil ®bag filter is a completely new invention on the bag filter market. Its most important feature is that its frame is not disposed of with the filter element as mixed waste, but the frame always remains in the property and only the filter element is changed. The filter element is slid into the frame, after which the elastic band of the bag element is bent on the outer edges of the frame, covering the entire frame. The frame of Leanfil ®bag filter is made of durable aluminum.

Leanfil pussisuodattimien kehystä ei heitetä pois

Filter element

Leanfil ®filter elements are easy to install in and remove from the frame, thanks to the brilliant attachment mechanism. Leanfil ®filter elements are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality certificate, and the requirements of the ISO 14001 certification are followed in environmental matters.

Leanfil suodatinosa

Benefits of Leanfil ®bag filter

Benefits for customers

  • Bag filter’s high-quality nonwoven material
    - Low pressure drop > energy efficient                                 
    - Good air quality in property 
    - No loose fiberglass particles 
    - Excellent filtration efficiency
    - Good moisture resistance
  • Environmentally friendly – smaller amount of waste
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower waste costs
  • Image benefit
  • Taking into account of sustainable development and environment in activities
  • Small space requirement
  • Small storage requirement
  • Faster installation (less distractions during installation)
Leanfil pussisuodattimien etuja asiakkaalle

Benefits for maintenance companies

  • Faster installation
    - Fewer transports to and from engine room
    - Fewer transports to waste sorting stations
  • Products lighter and easier to transport
  • Greater safety at work
  • Better ergonomics
  • Better company image
  • Taking sustainable development into account
  • Benefits for customer
    - Stronger customer relationship
  • No need for separate sealing strips, the attachment band of the Leanfil ®bag filter seals the frame to the ventilation unit on every side
Leanfil pussisuodattimia huoltoyhtiöille

Benefits for the environment

  • Less waste
    - Frame is not disposed of
    - Less packaging material
  • Less transporting
  • Long lifetime of frame
    - Saving of raw materials
  • Lower carbon footprint
Leanfil pussisuodattimet ovat ympäristöystävällisiä

World’s most eco-friendly bag filter

Birth history and development work

The history of Leanfil ®bag filter begins with Samu Pöri and Tommi Lustig, the staff members of the air conditioning company Ilmastointipuhdistus PoLu Oy. When changing filters, they started to wonder why used filters and frames were always disposed of as mixed waste. If recycled correctly, the bag element should go to mixed waste and the frame, often made of galvanized steel, should be sorted as metal. At the same time, they wondered why good frames must be thrown away in the first place when they could be used several times. In addition, Pöri and Lustig were frustrated by transporting large and heavy filter boxes to engine rooms and used bag filters to dumpsters and sorting stations. They concluded that the main reason for the problem was that because the frame could not be meaningfully detached from the filter element, the bag filter and the frame were always handled as a single unit.

Pöri and Lustig had a burning desire to develop the industry, and finally they invented a new product for the bag filter market, with a filter that could be detached from the frame and a frame that could be used during the whole life cycle of the ventilation unit. The invention led to submitting a patent application and starting the production. This is how Leanfil ®was born. The first part of the name, Lean, comes from the fact that the product saves raw materials, reduces waste, makes changing easier, and has been developed in accordance with the values and methods of Lean (continuous improvement). The last part of the name, fil, indicates filter.

Leanfil pussisuodattimet on kehitetty Ilmastointipuhdistus PoLu Oy:n toimesta

Vision, mission, and values

Our vision

Leanfil ®– the most wanted bag filter in the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to make, sell and market a sustainable bag filter that provides cost-effectiveness for customers, makes the installer’s work easier, and promotes environmental values, such as reducing the quantity of waste, saving of raw materials, and reasonable recycling of waste.

Our values

Customer value: In our operations, we focus on adding value for the customer.
Dedication: We are committed to continuously improving our operations.
Teamwork: We engage our staff and cooperate with our partners on a long-term basis.
Quality: We make our products only of the best materials of the industry.
Sustainable development: We promote sustainable development and eco-friendliness.

Leanfil pussisuodattimien valikoima


FRUSH 2021

Innovating the Circular Economy

Leanfil ®– the winner of the Pitch Competition in FRUSH 2021.

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Address: Häkilätie 21 A, 
01260 Vantaa

Samu Pöri
+358 40 557 5797

Tommi Lustig
+358 40 557 5796

Heikki Pöri
+358 40 551 5898

E-mail: sales@leanfil.fi
Home page: www.leanfil.fi

Offer requests to: sales@leanfil.fi

Certificates and standards

ISO 14001 , ISO 9001 ja ISO 16890, 
EN 779: 2012, ASHRAE 52.2